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What is the "Church of Christ Scientist"?

The "Church of Christ Scientist" is a very strange thing. In reality, it is neither Christian nor scientific! The name itself is a contradiction. This religion is generally known as "Christian Science", and that too is a contradiction. This organization was founded by Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy in approx. the year 1880, and holds have very strange beliefs, very anti-biblical. For example, they think that Jesus Christ is not a person, but rather is two 'things'! According to them, the "Jesus" part was only a man (not divine), and the "Christ" part is an "idea" or "concept" of divinity, which Jesus (the man) managed to take advantage of to heal people. (In fact, Jesus was most definitely a man, and the word "Christ" is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word "Messiah", meaning "the anointed one", which refers to a specific person the Jewish people were expecting to arrive on Earth to save them). Also, according to Christian Scientists, God is both father and mother of everything, and they consider that everything created by God is perfect, without any possibility of change or corruption. Therefore, bad things like sickness, death, Satan, demons, and sin are not part of actual reality. They do not exist. They are just "illusions". It is only through prayer and the special knowledge found in Mary Baker Eddy's books, that one can overcome such illusions. In other words, one can become what Jesus "the man" was, and learn to control the "christ" thing (that "divine concept") to put an end to sickness and sin in your life... and to put an end to death too, because all of that is just "illusion", it is not real. Therefore, according to them, when you follow their teachings, you never get sick and you do not die. There's only one problem: Mary Baker Eddy got sick and died! It seems that the religion she invented, didn't help much. Here is a very true summary of what this sect is (source unknown): ``Of all the "Christian" cults around today, "Christian Science" has the most inaccurate name. Christian Science is not Christian nor is it based on science. Christian Science denies all the central truths of what makes a system "Christian." Christian Science is, in fact, opposed to science and points to mystical new age spirituality as the path to physical and spiritual healing. Christian Science must be recognized and exposed as the anti-Christian cult that it is."

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