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How the ChristLink Website Works

Layout: The site is arranged as a series of articles regarding specific questions and answers about Christ, Christianity, Christians, and the Christian Bible. Each article is available in several languages, prepared and checked by real people who speak each language. Nothing here is prepared by Artificial Intelligence programs! We do NOT use anything "artificial" here: Everything is written and maintained by real people. You can choose the language you want to use at the top of the main page by clicking on one of the country flags, or by selecting from the list of languages.

Articles: Each article can be viewed as simple text on screen, and might also be available as a video presentation, a PowerPoint-style presentation, an audio-only presentation, or in any of several other formats. Each version contains all of the article content, as far as possible (obviously, the audio-only and text-only versions cannot contain photos or videos, and the text-only version cannot contain audio!). All of the content is downloadable. If you are a Christian and would like to use any of the content in your church or small group, feel free to do that. We only ask that you include a link back to this website, and mention us as the source.

”Top 10”: For each language, the main page of ChristLink shows the top 10 most recent questions that people have asked. Below that, there is a "search" feature that allows you to find other articles already on the site, related to any questions or doubts that you might have. It's a fairly comprehensive search feature based on key words in the questions and answers.

Search: Type your query into the “search” box at the bottom of the main page. The search function will try to find the most likely articles that seem to be related to your query, and lists them in order of probability. If it does not produce anything that covers what you are looking for, try asking your question in a different way, or with different words. If you still don't get the information you want, then send us your questions directly!

Contact: If you have a question about something you don't see answered here, or want more details about something you did see, use the "Contact" option on the main menu to send us your question. Feel free to ask any question about Christ, Christians, the Christian Bible, or religion and spirituality in general. As soon as possible, we will prepare an article that answers your question, and add it to the website, then notify you about that (if you want). The answer will NOT identify you in any way, unless you specifically allow us to use your first name in the reply. If you don't want that, the answer will be "Anonymous".

Newsletter: We also provide a free subscription option to our Newsletter: Click on the "Subscribe" button on the main page. Fill in your contact details, and we will email regular updates to you, with new questions that have been answered, as well as previous articles that have been updated. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Donations: There is a "Donate" button on the main page, which you can use to send a donation to ChristLink, if you want to and have found the information here to be useful. There is NO obligation at all to do that! Please do NOT feel obliged to donate anything! Donations of any amount, no matter how small (or large!) are always welcome. This site is absolutely free to use, for everyone. All donations received are used to cover the costs of keeping the website running, and any excess at the end of each year is donated to deserving charities.

Privacy: We will not ever publish your personal details, nor will we release that to any other party, and most definitely not to any advertiser! We hate spam. Your contact details (full name, email address, phone number, etc.) are NOT stored on this server, nor in any location that is accessible over the internet. This information is stored off-line, in an encrypted format. We respect your privacy.

Spam: We will NEVER send you any information that you didn’t ask for. If you would like to receive our newsletter (showing new questions and updated answers), then you can subscribe to that (at not cost), and we’ll email that to you periodically. You can cancel that subscription at any time. If you want more frequent updates, you can join our WhatsApp channel, where we send out notifications regarding the site itself, and content updates.

NOTE: The ChristLink Website is still under construction! Please check back here in July 2024

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