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Do UFOs and Aliens Exist? Are Those Extraterrestrials Saved Too?

First, from a purely scientific point of view (without yet considering the spiritual aspect), there is a phenomenon widely known as "the Fermi paradox". There's a very interesting article about this in the prestigious National Geographic magazine, in the June 2021 edition:

This paradox basically consists of answering the question: "Where is everyone?"

Enrico Fermi was a well-known and highly respected scientist in the 1950s and 1960s. He brought up this paradox in a conversation with other famous scientists, over lunch one day with friends. They were talking about "the Drake equation," which is a mathematical formula for calculating the number of extraterrestrial civilizations that could exist in the universe. The prediction of this formula is that many civilizations must exist, even in the vicinity of our planet, close enough to make contact, or at least to be detected.

The paradox, Fermi said, is simply: "Where is everyone?". The Drake equation says that, by now and with our technology, we should already have a lot of contacts and a pike of evidence for extraterrestrial civilizations. However, there isn't any!

According to Drake's equation, such civilizations must exist, and they must have made contact with us by now, or at least they must have left traces by their radio and television transmissions, or their rockets... but there is no trace of scientific evidence for any of that. Not even with the best and most sensitive instruments invented so far, have any signs of life been detected beyond planet Earth. And that's despite multiple very serious and very detailed long-term studies, in various places around the world.

The Fermi paradox has been around for 73 years now, and to date we still have no evidence for life beyond Earth.

The sad scientific conclusion is simply: the Drake equation is wrong. We are alone in this galaxy.

On the spiritual side; There is no mention of extraterrestrial life in the Bible either (unless you want to count angels as "extraterrestrial life"!). Obviously, the lack of any mention of something does not imply that it does not exist: There is no mention of helicopters or submarines in the Bible either, but we know for sure that they exist!

Therefore, you can't say: "The Bible doesn't mention that, therefore it does not exist." That would be a very wrong conclusion. But what we can say is: "The Bible does not mention that, therefore it isn't important." It is not something that deserves much attention on our part. It isn't forbidden to talk about and think about those things that are not in the Bible, but it just isn't very productive, spiritually. It doesn't help to build or strengthen your personal relationship with God, which should be the top priority for everyone. Those things are just interesting trivia, but not really important for your spiritual life. We can talk and speculate and theorize, and even invent explanations, but none of that is helpful for spiritual growth. They're fun things to talk about, but they don't really do much to build your spiritual life.

Personally, I find the subject of possible life on other planets interesting, but since there is no evidence whatsoever, neither scientific nor biblical, I prefer not to spend much time or energy on it, except to think about it from time to time.

Also personally, I have no problem thinking that yes, intelligent life might exist on other planets, but perhaps too far away for detection or contact (which is why we haven't found any signs of it). I admit that it is possible, despite the lack of evidence. And if one day scientists do detect life on other planets, or even make contact with ET's, that's not going to change my spiritual position or my relationship with God. A possible discovery of intelligent life on a distant planet is not going to affect my faith in God, not in the slightest degree.

In the Bible, God has given us everything we need to know for us human beings here on this planet. If intelligent life really exists on other planets, I have no doubt that God has also given them everything they need, spiritually.

The undeniable truth in the Bible is that Jesus is God, 100%. Jesus was also a human being, 100%. And because of that combination of being fully God and fully man, just for that reason, Jesus was able to offer his life as a perfect sacrifice for the sins of all of us human beings on this planet. And because we have the free will given by God to all human beings, each one can accept or reject the gift of forgiveness of their sins, salvation, and eternal life. That is what is of primary importance. UFO's and ET's have no bearing on any of that.

For you and me, and for our salvation, and the salvation of our loved ones, it just isn't important what God may or may not do on other planets. However, since we do know the nature of God, and we do know of his love and also his justice, we can be very sure that, if there really are other beings on other planets, God will treat them with the exact same love and justice.

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