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What does it mean that Jesus "died for me so that I don't have to die"?

A lot of people today think that God is love, which is true, but they also think that a loving God would never punish anyone. That isn't true.

It is certainly correct that God is love, but it is also true that God is justice. God has established a set of laws for the universe, and just as with human laws, violating one of God's laws requires punishment. If you run a red light in your car, or don't pay your taxes, or kill someone, then our human laws require that you be punished for that. A judge who is "just" must apply the law exactly as it is written. If he does not, then he is not being just. In some countries, a judge is also called a "justice" of the peace, and the building where he listens to cases and decides what to do, is sometimes called a "court of justice". Justice is central to society, and a judge who does not implement justice, would be a very bad judge.

Since God is perfect in every way, he also implements justice perfectly. Firstly that means he is never wrong: his judgment and his decisions are always absolutely correct. And it also means that he most certainly will punish people who break his laws. God would not be "just" if he did not implement that punishment.

The punishment that God has established for all lawbreakers, is eternal separation from him, in the place we call "hell". The Bible also refers to this as "the second death". The "first" death is when you die physically at the end of your life on Earth. Your soul lives on, and never dies (the Bible shows this clearly), and the "second death" is when people's souls go to "hell", forever.

In other words: everyone deserves this "second death" and eternity in hell, since that is the just judgment of God for all sinners (and everyone has sinned).

Jesus suffered and died on the cross so that you do NOT have to suffer this "second death", and instead you spend eternity in heaven, with him. Since God is completely "just", his law demands that everyone who breaks it must be punished with death. But Jesus took your place: He accepted your punishment, paying for your sins by his own death. He was able to do this because he himself is perfect, and never sinned. Therefore he did not deserve ANY punishment. He did NOT deserve to die at all! But he chose to die, freely, of his own accord, so that you don't have to.

That's the "gift of salvation" that Jesus offers you. He can save you from the death of eternity in hell... but only if you want that. He doesn't force it on you: he gives you the choice. It is a gift that you can either accept, or reject. It is your choice.

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