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Additional details about becoming a Christian.

This article provides some extra information about what it means to become a Christian. If you have not already done so, you should first read the first part: (How to become a Christian)

If you have done everything outlined in that first article, then you ARE a Christian!

But you probably still have many questions about all of this right now, and you'll have even more in the future. That's the purpose of this website! ChristLink is all about helping you to find answers to those tough questions about Jesus, and about being a Christian.

You can find answers to numerous questions about Jesus, religion, the Bible, and many other related things. Feel free to ask any question you want. If there are no articles that answer your question, then we will prepare one and post it as soon as possible. If you'd like to know when that happens, you can register your e-mail address with us, and we'll notify you, just that one time. You can also subscribe to ChristLink (click here), and get regular updates about new articles.

But let's start with some of the common questions about the decision you just made, to become a Christian:

- What does it mean to say that Jesus is Lord

- What does it mean that Jesus "died for me so that I don't have to die"?

- What does it mean that "Jesus was raised from the dead"?

- How do I choose a good church to attend?

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